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Andrés Adasme, Archaeoastronomy Journey Expert

Chilean by birth and Cusco resident for 16 years, Andres began his professional career as a highly-skilled architect, but eventually couldn’t resist his true passions: ancient cultures and astronomy.

Explorer and researcher by nature, Andres loves hiking in the mountains and exploring ancient, secluded archaeological sites, as well as spending time connecting with the people in remote, traditional Andean communities in an effort to gain even more knowledge from a culture that still maintains and protects the traditions of their Inca forbears. His independent research is often sought out by historians and explorers alike, and he lectures extensively on the topic of Andean Archaeoastronomy—how ancient civilizations were deeply connected to the skies and how this influenced the architecture of Cusco, including Machu Picchu and the surrounding region. Therefore, it’s not surprising that he is also very much in demand as an expert tour leader.

Presently, Andres spends his time designing new routes and travel experiences as Executive Product Developer at Mountain Lodges of Peru. He also holds the position of Director of Research for the prestigious Bohic Ruz Explorer, an international group of archeological and ethno-historian researchers, whose current work, in addition to Cusco, is investigating other hidden cities in the Andes and on the coast of Paracas.

He currently lives in Cusco with his lovely daughter, Lira.


US$ 3,390

Departure Dates

March 14th
September 17th


  • 7D/6N round-trip itinerary starting in Cusco
  • Rate is per person based on shared accommodations
    • Single traveler accommodations:  subject to a 50% supplemental fee
    • Single traveler willing to share:  subject to a 25% supplemental fee; in the event that the roommate of a guest willing to share cancels fewer than 60 days prior to departure, the remaining guest will not be charged the supplemental fee.
  • A non-refundable deposit of $500 USD is required to confirm a reservation.
  • We recommend arriving in Cusco 1-2 days prior to your departure for altitude acclimatization; please ask your MLP travel specialist for help with booking additional accommodations.
  • Cancellation policy:
    • 30 days prior to departure date:  50% refund
    • Fewer than 30 days prior to departure:  No refund


  • All transportation during the programmed itinerary
  • All lodging during the programmed itinerary
  • All meals except (Breakfast and Lunch on Day 1 and Dinner on Day 7); at MLP lodges, this includes soft drinks and a house selection of beer, wine, and spirits.*
  • Service of a bilingual guide; tours of archaeological sites are led in English
  • Entrance fees and permits to points of interest and archaeological sites
  • Guided visit to Machu Picchu
  • Gratuities for MLP staff at the lodges and in the field**; gratuities for guides are not included and are at your discretion.  In general, we suggest $10-$20 USD/day (per person) for lead guides and $5-$10 USD/day (per person) for assistant guides.  


*In consideration of the adventurous nature of the MLP experience, the risks associated with alcohol consumption, and the importance of maintaining positive group dynamics, we encourage guests to enjoy alcoholic beverages in moderation.  In accordance with company policy, MLP guides and/or other company/lodge representatives may modify or suspend a guest’s access to alcohol and/or trip partially or entirely if the guest’s health or safety may be at risk due to excessive alcohol consumption. 

**Gratuities at MLP affiliate hotels (El Mercado, Kuychi Rumi, and Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel) are not included.


During the Multi-Sport Adventure to Machu Picchu, your accommodations will include a combination of MLP lodges and top-notch MLP-affiliate hotels. Our luxury mountain lodges were uniquely conceived through thoughtful architectural design including traditional Inca building techniques with a nod to their respective environments. We offer all the comforts of home along with superior amenities and exceptional service.


US$ 3,950

Departure Dates

March 8th
April 10th
July 14th
August 14th
October 7th
November 10th


  • ● 7D/6N round-trip itinerary from Cusco.
  • ● Rate is per person based on shared accommodations.
  • ● Single traveler accommodation request: subject to a 50% supplemental fee.
  • ● Single traveler willing to share accommodations: subject to a 25% supplemental fee.


  • ● All transportation during the programmed itinerary.
  • ● All lodging during the programmed itinerary.  
  • ● All meals and beverages at MLP lodges, including soft drinks and a house selection of beer, wine, and spirits. Beverages at our affiliate hotels, El Retablo and Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel, will be subject to additional cost.
  • ● Service of a bilingual guide (Spanish/English) during all program days. Tours of archaeological sites are led in English.
  • ● Entrance fees and permits for points of interest and archeological sites.
  • ● Guided visit to Machu Picchu.
  • ● Gratuities for MLP staff at the lodges and in the field—does NOT include gratuities for the staff at affiliate hotels. 
  • ● Gratuities for your guide and assistant guide are NOT included and are at your discretion. In general, we suggest $10-$20 USD/day (per person) for lead guides and $10 USD/day (per person) for assistant guides.


“Let us gather and join our strengths in collaboration and cooperation, remembering that together we multiply our prayers and that we belong to the great lineage of the Earth’s feminine sisterhood.”

Along with with the Intercultural Convergence of Medicine Women, MLP invites you to join us on this once-in-a-lifetime experience to unify the four life elements—water, earth, fire, and wind—in combination with our Sacred Valley and Lares Adventure to Machu Picchu.

Meet some of our leaders:

Sra. Maria Apaza:

Sra. Maria felt the calling of the Andean ‘Apus’, or gods, from the tender age of 4, which was solidified when she was struck by a bolt of lightning at 16—the true sign that she had been chosen for divinity. Since then, Sra. Maria has devoted herself to representing and sharing ‘Allin Kawsay’, Quechua for ‘well-being’ or ‘the good life’, through her powerful ceremonial chants (‘Q’ero Taki’).


Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann:

Ms. Miriam-Rose, a tribal ’grandmother’, is the leader of the Nauiyu Community from Daly River, Australia. The Nauiyu practice ‘Dadirri’, or profound listening, which Miriam-Rose describes as “something internal, it is a calm from deep listening and quiet conscience.”



A Mapuche shaman from Chile, Luzclara practices ‘sound’ healing through song and chants, accompanied by rattles, bells, and and other musical instruments. Luzclara also developed the ‘Healing Circle’, a ceremonial sacred space in which we are able to connect with our inner shaman through the power generated from a group coming together in unified intention.


Cecilia Paniagua:

Cecilia, also known by the Quechua name ‘Wanqura Waqakuq’, is a sacred plant bearer and healer. She is also considered the guardian of the Chavin Temple in Chavin, Peru, and a grandmother of the Conchuco Quechua tradition—“The ancestors tell us: the beginning and foundation of light (QUN) was the one who made everything that exists, where everything happens, where everything comes from and where everything returns in the eternal dance of the infinite spiral.”


Sweet Medicine:

Sweet Medicine, is a sweet grandmother Guardian of Wisdom, with 45 years of experience in traditional ceremonies and native teachings. A Native American spiritual leader of the Chickasaw lineage, she is responsible for continuing the legacy of her people through being a bridge of deep connection with the sacred space and nurturing the soul as a guide through the rites of passage.


During the first six days of the journey, you will join in a celebration of the combined rituals, ceremonies, and music of twelve international ‘grandmothers’ of varied ‘medicine’ practices including healers, energy workers, bridge women, shamans, and guardians of birth, knowledge, seeds, peace, life, and more. Women artists and artisans from around the world will also be bringing their works to create a marketplace for barter and exchange.

Each participant is invited to bring water, earth, ashes, and songs from their birthplaces or current homes. At the end of the event, you will be given a portion of the unified elements to take home with you.

Once the gathering has concluded, you will continue on your journey by exploring the history, culture, and profound energy of the breathtaking Sacred Valley and Lares region on a fully-guided luxury lodge-to-lodge adventure to the hallowed ground of Machu Picchu.



11-Day Program 2019

September 9th
US$ 4,200


LP Yoga and Wellness Leader:

We are pleased to introduce Sandra Gallegos, our new MLP Yoga and Wellness Leader. During the past 14 years, she has been both a devoted yoga practitioner and teacher, and three years ago opened her own studio dedicated to Ashtanga Yoga as well as ‘Integral Health’ coaching. Sandra also brings an in-depth knowledge of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Nutrition, having studied with notable experts in India and beyond. Her experience, dedication, and holistic approach to mind/body wellness will ensure the trip of a lifetime for our guests.


Name: Sandra Gallegos

Age: 39

From: Lima, Peru

Mom to: Kailani, age 7

Professional background:

  • • Business Administration degree completed in Amsterdam, Holland
  • • 2004: Began practicing yoga
  • • 2005: Earned post-graduate degree in International Tourism, Australia
  • • 2013: Earned Ashtanga Yoga certification through AYP
  • • 2014: Studied Ashtanga Yoga and Ayurveda & Ayurvedic Nutrition at K. Pattabhi Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI), Mysore, India
  • • 2014: Studied Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Nutrition with Dr. Chitrah Lekha at Mysore Ayurveda Retreat, Mysore, India
  • • 2015: Opened Yoga studio DAYS Yoga and Health Coaching, Lima, Peru
  • • 2016: Completed the ‘Integrative Health Coaching’ course at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), New York, NY
  • • Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, and basic Indonesian


1. Pre-trip fitness tips:

In addition to daily yoga practices and cultural activities, this experience is comprised of moderate to challenging hikes at high altitudes and through varied terrain.


Begin a cardio-intensive fitness regimen that includes vigorous walking and/or hiking three months before your trip.
Wear broken-in hiking shoes or boots. We also recommend having adequate ankle support as the terrain is varied.
Use hiking poles or walking sticks during the hikes for greater agility and ankle support.

2. Adjusting to high altitude:

Altitude sickness is most common at elevations above 6,500’/1,900m and results from the body adjusting to a decreased amount of oxygen. Symptoms can include lightheadedness, nausea, headaches, and dehydration.


If possible, arrive in Cusco at least one – two days before your MLP departure.
Drink a minimum of 64oz./2L of water each day.
Avoid eating heavy meals, especially during the first couple of days.
Avoid vigorous exercise during the first couple of pre-trip days.

3. Yoga Mats:

Yoga mats and other equipment will be available for use during the daily practices; however, feel free to bring your own if you prefer.



US$ 3,800

Departure Dates

April 13th
July 25th
October 26th
December 14th


●8D/7N round-trip itinerary starting in Cusco.
●Rate is per person based on shared accommodations.
●Single traveler accommodation request: subject to a 25% supplemental fee of the standard rate.
●Single traveler willing to share accommodations: subject to a 10% supplemental fee of the standard rate.
●A non-refundable deposit of US$ 500 per person is required to confirm a reservation.
●Remaining balance due sixty (60) days prior to arrival.


●Transportation services during the programmed itinerary.
●All lodging during the programmed itinerary.
●All meals except: breakfast and lunch on Day 1; lunch and dinner on Day 8.
●Service of a bilingual guide (Spanish/English) during all program days. Tours of archaeological sites are led in English.
●Entrance fees and permits to points of interest and archeological sites.
●Guided visit to Machu Picchu.
●All Meals and beverages including soft drinks and a house selection of beer, wine, and spirits at MLP lodges only.
●Gratuities for MLP staff at the lodges and in the field.* Gratuities for your guide are not included and are at your discretion. In general, we suggest $10-$20 USD/day (per person) for assistant guides.

*Note: Gratuities at MLP-affiliate hotels and premium camping installations are not included.

Some terms may have changed for 2020, please check the details below.

Inti Raymi & Qoyllor’ Ity

Qoyllor’ Ity2

Qoyllor’ Ity (Quechua for ‘bright white snow’), is the annual Andean winter solstice celebration to honor of the stars and constellations in hopes of a prosperous harvest and New Year. The festival includes a procession to the Qoyllor’ Ity shrine under the full moon, comprised of Andean farmers and villagers, locals from Cusco, and multiple groups of musicians and dance troupes, like the well-known Paucartambo and Quispiscanchis, from the rural highlands. As the sun rises, revelers kneel to receive the first rays of the sun after this auspicious moon.

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Inti Raymi

The entire region of Cusco comes together in June for Inti Raymi, the annual celebration to honor the Inca god of the sun, Inti. Through colorful processions and elaborate re-enactments of sacred Inca rituals, both city dwellers and Andean villagers join to give thanks to Inti as their primary source of life and abundance.

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