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The lodges – salkantay

Each of our four beautifully-appointed mountain lodges is one of a kind. The eco-minded architecture effortlessly mixes traditional Andean building techniques with contemporary design to blend seamlessly into their environs.

All of our guest rooms offer top-notch amenities. Hot showers, gourmet meals, fine linens, outdoor hot tubs, and highly personalized service from our local staff are just a few.

Our flagship Salkantay Lodge was built on the flatlands of the Rio Blanco river valley, with a stunning, unobstructed view of the majestic Salkantay mountain peak. Its contemporary, eco-conscious design was the inspiration for all other MLP lodges. (12,690’/3,869 m)

Wayra Lodge, a cozy mountain refuge with dramatic views of Mt. Humantay, is the most remote of our MLP lodges – and a welcome sight after a long day of trekking over the Salkantay Pass. (12,812’/3,906m)

Surrounded by lush green mountains in a cloud forest, our Colpa Lodge is situated on a promontory at the confluence of three rivers (9,333’/2,845m). Sun-drenched in the afternoons, it is the perfect spot to relax or soak in the outdoor hot tub. (9,414’/2,870m)

Situated in a lush avocado orchard at the edge of the Amazon jungle, our charming Lucma Lodge resembles a contemporary treehouse. The view through the multi-pane windows that stretch almost to the ceiling will give you the sensation of living amidst the beautiful foliage that surrounds you. (7,003’/2,135m)