THE SALKANTAY TREK TO MACHU PICCHU Dynamic terrain, inspiring vistas, and diverse ecosystems — follow the road less traveled on our 7-day trekking adventure. LEARN MORE A 5- or 7-day lodge-to-lodge journey through the Sacred Valley of the Incas. ADVENTURE TO MACHU PICCHU SACRED VALLEY & LARES LEARN MORE Join us in Cusco for the biggest and most colorful Andean celebrations of the year—Inti Raymi and Qollor'Ity. SOUL OF THE ANDES FESTIVALS LEARN MORE ARCHAEOASTRONOMY JOURNEY TO MACHU PICCHU A journey back in time—explore Cusco and its surroundings to study ancient Andean civilizations and the primordial connection to the cosmos that shaped their collective history, belief systems, and architectural legacy. LEARN MORE BLACK DIAMOND TREK TO MACHU PICCHU A 75-mile advanced-level trekking journey from the Plaza de Armas in Cusco all the way to the Sun Gate at Machu Picchu. LEARN MORE MULTI-SPORT ADVENTURE TO MACHU PICCHU Hike, bike, horseback ride, and zipline your way through the Andean highlands on our fully-guided, off-the-beaten-path Multi-Sport Adventure to Machu Picchu—an ideal trip for families and mixed-interest groups! LEARN MORE Adventure Calls Mountain Lodges of Peru offers a distinctive take on adventure travel to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Join us to explore breathtaking landscapes by way of lodge-to-lodge journeys offering unique cultural immersion, exhilarating day hikes, and luxury trekking in Peru's backcountry.
Signature Adventure

The Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu

Dynamic terrain, inspiring vistas, and diverse ecosystems — follow the road less traveled on our 7-day trekking adventure.

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Signature Adventure

Sacred Valley & Lares Adventure to Machu Picchu

Design your unique journey from an exciting list of MLP adventure and cultural immersion activities on our 5- or 7-day trip through the Sacred Valley of the Incas to Machu Picchu.

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Signature Adventure

Black Diamond Trek to Machu Picchu

An advanced-level trekking journey from the Plaza de Armas in Cusco all the way to the Sun Gate at Machu Picchu.

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Special Limited Departures

Destination Designed

Join us on one of our new Destination Designed programs—unique, focused adventure experiences led by our world-class mountain guides as well as accredited experts in each field.

Lodge Excursions

Lodge Getaways

Our 3-day lodge programs are designed for travelers game for adventure but short on time. Settle into one of our MLP luxury lodges and get ready for exciting excursions to explore Salkantay and the Sacred Valley.

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Trip Extensions in Peru

Extend Your Trip in Peru

Let our MLP travel specialists help you expand your itinerary beyond Machu Picchu. Visit other iconic destinations in Peru’s colorful Andean highlands, lush Amazonian jungle, and expansive desert coastline.


Our Purpose

Passion, reciprocity, expertise, and professionalism—we are the pioneers of luxury lodge-to-lodge travel and unique cultural connections in the Andean Highlands to Machu Picchu and beyond.


The Salkantay lodge to lodge hike… tiring but wonderful. Real sense of achievement and learning a little about the highlands of Peru. Can’t wait to return and do another trip.

Susan H.

Thank you to MLP–you gave us the experience of a lifetime. We benefited from the knowledgeable and committed leadership of our guide and the first class service…MLP are well-respected by the local communities in which they operate.

Jo Z

As a couple who has NEVER hiked a day in our lives, the organization of the seven days far exceeded any expectations we had.

Nic C.

We have been trekking with Antonio for a week and I could not be happier with the journey. I was traveling by myself, but the staff made me feel very welcome and safe.

Jill H.

We just spent an amazing 7 days on The Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu. The entire trip was so well organized…[and] our guides were fantastic. A journey of a lifetime.

Susanne H.

Despite some unusually bad weather, our guides were always encouraging and the lodge staff were ready to warm us up after a hard day of hiking–always working to make your trip an amazing experience. We highly recommend MLP!!

Hanna F.

Authentic experiences through many special communities such as Choquecancha, expert local guides and very comfortable lodges in the Andes. A transformational and inspirational journey!!

Clara D.

I just got back from the Salkantay Trek. Our guides were the best. They shared so much with us about their country, their heritage, and their love of nature. I came home with a deep respect for the people of Peru and all their culture has to offer. MLP is a class act from beginning to end.

Cindy M.

Our plan was not to bring our 8 year-old daughter [but] due to changes in timing we decided to bring her. I can’t imagine not having her with us on this incredible adventure. She learned so much, she was engaged in all the different cultural excursions as well as ALL the treks.

Katherine S.

Salkantay Trek, Peru
We love hearing what our guests have to say after a day of adventure. "Wow, that last part was TOUGH!"...or "Did you see that view back down to the canyon?! ...or "Kudos to our guide! He/She was amazing and knew how to pace us perfectly!" The most rewarding part, though, is that no matter the details, every comment is (honestly!) always followed by..."I can't wait until tomorrow!"...and THAT, for us, is that magic that makes our job worthwhile. What was YOUR favorite part of your MLP adventure? #gratitude #salkantay #lares #experiencemlp
The MLP Difference: Exhilarating hikes to Machu Picchu ✔️
...spectacular vistas from off-the-beaten path trails ✔️
...fascinating cultural exchange with our Andean neighbors ✔️
...the top guides in the Cusco region ✔️
...and after a full day of exploration, the best in accommodations, cuisine, and service ✔️✔️🔝 #machupicchutrek #salkantay #lares #cusco #experiencemlp
Salkantay Trek, Peru
‘Joke of the day...
Q: What’s a llama’s favorite movie?
A: Alpacalypse Now! But seriously, it’s time to plan your 2021 MLP adventure and start alpaca-ing! (Sorry 😉) #llama #salkantay #lares #experiencemlp 📷: @rei