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11 - Day program

Andean Mysticism Experience

A journey through the Sacred Valley and Lares to Machu Picchu during a once-in-a-lifetime multi-cultural gathering of women mystics, shamans, and healers.

September 9th - September 19th, 2019

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We are pleased to present the Andean Mysticism Experience, an international convergence of women in Cusco led by twelve inspirational medicine women and mystical ‘grandmothers’  from around the globe.  During 11 days/10 nights, our guests will establish a profound connection with their inner energetic power as they celebrate a unification of the four essential life elements—air, fire, water, and earth—followed by a luxury lodge-to-lodge guided journey through the breathtaking landscapes of the Sacred Valley of the Incas and Lares Region to the revered Inca citadel of Machu Picchu.  





6:00pm Trip briefing in the evening: meet your guide and fellow travelers for some pre-trip details and Q&A’s.

Location: El Mercado
Calle Siete Cuartones 306, Cusco
+51 1 421-7777


    Scenic morning drive to Pisaq for the opening ceremony dedicated to the synchronization of our intentions and the convergence of rituals practiced by our international sisterhood of spiritual leaders.

    Location: Hotel Royal Inka, Pisaq
    Schedule: 8am to 8pm
    Overnight: El Retablo - Cusco
    Meals: L, D


      Return to Pisaq to begin the 4-day alchemical celebration of the Four Elements. Today we will participate in a ceremony to unify waters brought from diverse sources around the world.

      Location: Hotel Royal Inka, Pisaq
      Schedule: 8am to 8pm
      Overnight: El Retablo - Cusco


        Today in Pisaq we celebrate fire through the unification of ashes brought from multiple sacred fires around the world.

        Location: Hotel Royal Inka, Pisaq
        Schedule: 8am to 8pm
        Overnight: El Retablo - Cusco


          Today will be dedicated to the unification of earth from specific energy portals from around the world.

          Location: Hotel Royal Inka, Pisaq
          Schedule: 8am to 8pm
          Overnight: Willka T’ika - Sacred Valley

            DAY 5 JOURNEY OF WIND

            Our fourth day in Pisaq will be dedicated to the wind, manifested by the power of a melding of our breath and the union of our songs.

            Location: Hotel Royal Inka, Pisaq
            Schedule: 8am to 8pm
            Overnight: Willka T’ika - Sacred Valley


              Our final day in Pisaq will be a grand celebration, a ceremony to unite the elements from the previous days and create a feminine mandala with our bodies to seal the convergence of all four rituals. On this day we also invite men to participate in the rituals in for a cleansing of our collective human spirit.

              Location: Hotel Royal Inka, Pisaq
              Schedule: 8am to 8pm
              Overnight: Willka T’ika - Sacred Valley

                DAY 7 EXPLORING PISAQ

                Today we will travel beyond the ceremonial center in Pisaq to visit the village of Viacha and participate in a traditional Andean ceremony to honor Pachamama (Mother Earth), led by members of the local community. In the afternoon, we will explore the Pisaq archaeological site*, followed by a scenic drive to Lamay Lodge where the lodge staff will greet us with a traditional Pachamanca lunch.

                *Optional: Downhill hike from Viacha to the Pisaq archaeological site.

                • Approximately 1 hour
                • Easy to moderate

                Overnight: Lamay Lodge

                  DAY 8 INTO THE HEART OF LARES

                  After a late-morning scenic drive into the Lares region, we will visit the remote village of Choquecancha to learn about medicinal herbs and traditional Andean weaving techniques from the women of the community, followed by coca leaf readings after lunch.

                  Overnight: Huacahuasi Lodge

                    DAY 9 THE ROAD TO OLLANTAYTAMBO

                    Today we will travel farther into Lares to the village of Marcacocha, a remote sheepherding community in the Patacancha Valley and participate in a traditional ceremony to give thanks for the health of their flock and surrounding lands. Afterwards, we will continue on to Pumamarka for a picnic lunch and guided exploration of the Pumamarka archaeological site. The days ends in Ollantaytambo, the oldest ‘living’ town in South America, for a walk through its charming maze-like streets and alleyways.

                    Overnight: Kuychi Rumi - Sacred Valley

                      DAY 10 AGUAS CALIENTES

                      After breakfast, we will catch an early-morning train from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes at the foot of Machu Picchu. The afternoon will be spent at leisure, with plenty of time to explore this charming, bustling town and meander through its colorful artisan market.

                      Overnight: Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel

                        DAY 11 MACHU PICCHU

                        Our final day begins at dawn with breakfast at the hotel and an early-morning shuttle bus up to Machu Picchu for a two-hour guided tour and exploration of this revered Inca site. Afterwards, we will return to Ollantaytambo by train (lunch served on board) to meet our MLP driver for a scenic late-afternoon/sunset drive back to Cusco.

                        Meals: B, L

                          ADD-ON LODGING AND SERVICES AVAILABLE:

                          Option A)  Round-trip airport transfers, 2 nights lodging in Cusco before your MLP adventure, additional day/night in Machu Picchu, and 1 night lodging upon your return to Cusco.

                          Option B)  Round-trip airport transfers, 2 nights lodging either before or after your MLP adventure, and additional day/night in Machu Picchu.

                          Option C)  Round-trip airport transfers and 2 nights lodging either before or after your MLP adventure.

                          Please ask your MLP travel specialist for more details.


                          ● 11D/10N round-trip itinerary from Cusco.
                          ● Rates are per person based on shared accommodations.
                          ● Requested single room: 25% supplemental cost added to the standard rate.
                          ● Single traveler willing to share: 10% supplemental cost added to the standard rate.
                          ● A non-refundable deposit of US$500 per person is required to confirm a reservation.
                          ● We recommend arriving in Cusco 1-2 days prior to your departure date for altitude acclimatization.

                          SERVICES INCLUDE:

                          ● Transportation services during the programmed itinerary.
                          ● All lodging during the programmed itinerary.
                          ● All meals except for breakfast on Day 1 and Dinner on Day 10.
                          ● Service of a bilingual guide (Spanish/English) during all program days. Tours of archaeological sites are led in English.
                          ● Entrance fees to archeological sites.
                          ● Guided tour of Machu Picchu.
                          ● Gratuities for the staff at all MLP lodges and in the field.* Gratuities for your guide are not included and are at your discretion. In general, we suggest $10 – $20 USD/day (per person) for lead guides and $5 – $15 USD/day (per person) for assistant guides.

                          * Note: Gratuities for the staff at other hotels are not included.

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                          A CALL TO HONOR MOTHER EARTH

                          “Let us gather and join our strengths in collaboration and cooperation, remembering that together we multiply our prayers and that we belong to the great lineage of the Earth’s feminine sisterhood.”

                          Along with with the Intercultural Convergence of Medicine Women, MLP invites you to join us on this once-in-a-lifetime experience to unify the four life elements—water, earth, fire, and wind—in combination with our Sacred Valley and Lares Adventure to Machu Picchu.

                          Meet some of our leaders:

                          Sra. Maria Apaza:

                          Sra. Maria felt the calling of the Andean ‘Apus’, or gods, from the tender age of 4, which was solidified when she was struck by a bolt of lightning at 16—the true sign that she had been chosen for divinity. Since then, Sra. Maria has devoted herself to representing and sharing ‘Allin Kawsay’, Quechua for ‘well-being’ or ‘the good life’, through her powerful ceremonial chants (‘Q’ero Taki’).

                          Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann:

                          Ms. Miriam-Rose, a tribal ’grandmother’, is the leader of the Nauiyu Community from Daly River, Australia. The Nauiyu practice ‘Dadirri’, or profound listening, which Miriam-Rose describes as “something internal, it is a calm from deep listening and quiet conscience.”


                          A Mapuche shaman from Chile, Luzclara practices ‘sound’ healing through song and chants, accompanied by rattles, bells, and and other musical instruments. Luzclara also developed the ‘Healing Circle’, a ceremonial sacred space in which we are able to connect with our inner shaman through the power generated from a group coming together in unified intention.

                          Cecilia Paniagua:

                          Cecilia, also known by the Quechua name ‘Wanqura Waqakuq’, is a sacred plant bearer and healer. She is also considered the guardian of the Chavin Temple in Chavin, Peru, and a grandmother of the Conchuco Quechua tradition—“The ancestors tell us: the beginning and foundation of light (QUN) was the one who made everything that exists, where everything happens, where everything comes from and where everything returns in the eternal dance of the infinite spiral.”

                          Sweet Medicine:

                          Sweet Medicine, is a sweet grandmother Guardian of Wisdom, with 45 years of experience in traditional ceremonies and native teachings. A Native American spiritual leader of the Chickasaw lineage, she is responsible for continuing the legacy of her people through being a bridge of deep connection with the sacred space and nurturing the soul as a guide through the rites of passage.

                          During the first six days of the journey, you will join in a celebration of the combined rituals, ceremonies, and music of twelve international ‘grandmothers’ of varied ‘medicine’ practices including healers, energy workers, bridge women, shamans, and guardians of birth, knowledge, seeds, peace, life, and more. Women artists and artisans from around the world will also be bringing their works to create a marketplace for barter and exchange.

                          Each participant is invited to bring water, earth, ashes, and songs from their birthplaces or current homes. At the end of the event, you will be given a portion of the unified elements to take home with you.

                          Once the gathering has concluded, you will continue on your journey by exploring the history, culture, and profound energy of the breathtaking Sacred Valley and Lares region on a fully-guided luxury lodge-to-lodge adventure to the hallowed ground of Machu Picchu.

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